Keyboards in New Uprights
Keyboards that will fit your Grand Piano

Providing keyboards for grand pianos is very different than providing keyboards for upright pianos.

     As can be seen in the pictures above, the “action” for a grand piano easily comes out of the instrument in a self-contained unit.  The “action” comprises the keyboard itself and the action stack, which includes the hammers and the mechanisms that move the hammers.  This action is all we need to build a keyboard for your grand piano and can be shipped to us using UPS in a shipping box that we provide.  The new “action” that we build is then easily installed by your technician.

     For upright pianos, however, the “action” cannot be removed in one self-contained unit. For this reason we do not offer keyboards for your upright piano.  We do offer new upright pianos with our keyboards already installed.


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